As a 20+ year IT professional, I have witnessed the evolution of the computer industry as a  student, consultant, sales associate, support professional, and sys admin. Through it all, I’ve remained an Apple enthusiast and even been called a “Mac Encyclopedia.” While technology and computers have always been something I’ve understood, I have been fortunate to pursue other passions.

I studied theatre at Lawrence University, with concentrations in acting, directing, and film. While starting to pursue a career in the theatre, I found a job in IT and have been there since.

I still enjoy film and movies, with a preference for anything that makes me laugh and those that weave such a comprehensive tale that all else falls away.

I also dabble in photography and some of my work may feature here from time to time.

I’m a gear-head and have always enjoyed cars since I was little. At one point I even thought I would study automotive design. I read car blogs and love learning about these complex machines and how they work. I just wish I had more time to tinker…